mini moon, honeymoon in ireland
Couple enjoying their mini moon after booking their honeymoon in ireland with

A popular decision among newly-wed couples is to opt for a mini-moon either instead of or before their traditional honeymoon trip.

Mini-moons generally come out of a couple’s desire to get away immediately after their big celebrations, but for a shorter or less expensive getaway — versus a longer and more expensive honeymoon.

Finding your dream destination at an affordable price, booking flights and arranging transfers all takes time. In the run-up to your big day, your to-do-list is probably pretty full, are big advocates of taking a minimoon first and enjoying your honeymoon for a little while later.


Let’s face it, weddings are not cheap. Have a look at your budget and if you think your wedding will wipe out your savings a minimoon may be the perfect short term alternative for you.

Instead of planning an extravagant honeymoon we advise you to take a smaller more modest holiday in Ireland and plan the holiday of your dreams for a future date. Not only will it give you something to look forward to (let’s face it if what everyone says is true your wedding day will fly by!) but it gives you a chance to save and prevent any risk of you racking up any newlywed debt!

Taking the time out to organise your honeymoon separately from your wedding will ensure you organise the perfect honeymoon for you both.

Vacation Time and Work…

Most couples take a minimum of one week off prior to their wedding and sometimes find it hard to get enough time off to include a honeymoon with that. Take a look at both of your work schedules, individual work holiday policies and workload at the time you would like to go away – if you cannot find a week or two that will suit you both, perhaps a minimoon is the better option for now!

Vacation Time and Seasonality…

if it is your dream to visit Thailand on your honeymoon but you are getting married in the height of the rainy season it may not be the ideal time to pack up and go on your honeymoon! Also, if you love the idea of a romantic winter holiday filled with skiing and roaring fires but you are getting married in June all you need to do is delay your honeymoon a few months.

The perfect short term alternative is to pack your bags for a mini-moon in Ireland instead! A few days in an idyllic ocean front hotel, or a weekend spa getaway post nuptials will be a relaxing and romantic time together as your celebrate your first few days as newlyweds.

No Pressure…

We all know wedding planning requires military precision so why add further stress to an already stressful time trying to plan your honeymoon in the midst of the chaos?

Take a minimoon after your wedding and take a load off you both – you can always plan your honeymoon at a later date! Ireland has some of the most beautiful and romantic hotels in the world all of which are a car drive away :).

minimoon, honeymoon in ireland
minimoon, honeymoon in ireland

Go Somewhere Special…

This applies to both your minimoon after the wedding and a honeymoon if you choose to take one later.

By choosing to have your minimoon in Ireland, you can visit somewhere that has meaning to your relationship as a couple and relive all those wonderful memories as you begin your married life. Or perhaps, you could explore a part of Ireland that you have never been before like the world famous Wild Atlantic Way or Ireland’s Ancient East.

The Perfect Surprise…

It is so easy to surprise your other half with the gift of a minimoon because there is no need for passports, visas and flights! Simply book the time off work for you both, choose your destination and surprise the love of your life with a romantic getaway just when you want one the most. Think of all those brownie points!!

Get That NewlyWed Feeling For Longer…

By taking a minimoon first before planning your honeymoon for a few months later, you get to enjoy the feeling of newly-wedded bliss for longer.

Of course, the love you share won’t wear off after the wedding, but going on your honeymoon later is guaranteed to bring back all the beautiful feelings and memories of the day. After getting used to your regular routine again for a while, it’s lovely to indulge in the special treatment and romance that honeymoons bring.

You Are Planning A Wedding In Eight Months Or Less…

If you are having a short engagement, the stress of honeymoon planning may just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Short engagements are a testament to survival of the fittest. Don’t add more to your plate.

Plan a MiniMoon for after your nuptials and work on your honeymoon once you are settled into married life – Mexico isn’t going anywhere we promise you :).