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Roaring Bear brings business and their target market together. Advertise with Roaring Bear so you can be focus on what you do best – driving your business forward and leave the marketing side to us. Advertise with Roaring Bear LTD and you will be in safe hands. More information about Roaring Bear can be found in our about us page.

  • : A minimoon is a romantic trip taken by newlyweds immediately after their wedding day with the view of taking a longer honeymoon at a later date.
  • : A  trip away for expectant parents before their bundle of joy arrives.
  • : A one stop shop for all Irish parenting needs from newborns right throught to the teenage years.
  • : This website is for anyone over the age of  who wishes to explore Ireland – whether you fancy a few days away or a day excursion we have your covered.
  • : Coming soon – watch this space!

If you work with Roaring Bear Ltd you will enjoy the following benefits.

What will your listing look like?

  • Each listing has a featured image, photo gallery and company video. This will give you a chance to promote your business with enticing and interesting imagery.
  • We offer unlimited text in your company description. As a result of this, you will have the best opportunity to sell your product / service directly to any customer that visits your page.
  • Each listing has google maps as standard resulting in potential customers will be able to find your location easily.
  • In addition to the above, each listing has social media links which will direct customers to your own online platforms.

What can you do when using our client dashboard : 

  • Each listing page has integrated messaging allowing you to communicate directly with potential customers.
  • Our client dashboard will tell you how well your listing in doing including information regarding view count and number of users.
  • You are in total control of your listing. If you advertise on Roaring Bear you will be able to amend or update your listing at any time.

When you advertise with Roaring Bear you will receive the following complimentary extras

  • We will post one sponsored article across our online platforms. The sponsored article will highlight the services you provide or advertise an upcoming event.
  • Your package will include a free “as featured on ….” logo therefore allowing you You can use this logo on your own website or in any marketing campaigns you may have.
  • We create all listings in line with best SEO practice. This will help your listing rank higher on search engines. The higher you rank on google the more likely you will benefit from organic searches reaching your page.