Out of all the weddings you have ever attended what do you remember the most? Putting yourself in your guest shoes take a critical eye to your wedding day preparations and make sure the following items are boxed off ensuring a memorable wedding day for both you and your guests! Allocate some of your wedding budget to the following areas and keep your guests happy 🙂

Food & Drink

There are some items in your wedding you can be frugal with (check out our top wedding budget tips) but there are some that are complete and utter no no’s! We have all been to weddings where we received what felt like a dribble of wine and were still hungry after the food was served – not a great feeling when the average guest gives €200 each when attending a wedding!

Err on the side of caution on this one – we don’t mean you should provide each guest with a gallon of wine each but make sure there is plenty to go around and make sure you account for this in your wedding budgee!

In terms of food, a choice of starters and mains are always welcome and although you cannot cover all basis when serving food to a crowd you should be able to meet the majority of peoples requirements :).

One thing to be wary of is allergies – try and serve free from nuts, gluten etc. and perhaps request guests to tell your if they suffer from allergies in their RSVP!

Wedding Bathroom Baskets

Wedding baskets filled with toiletries are a lovely touch for your guests and can be placed in both the ladies and gents bathrooms!

Weddings are long affairs and your guests are bound to have forgotten something – invest in deodrants, flipflops, plasters, hair clips, belts (yes really!!) and anything else you can think of!

It will be a welcome addition by your guests and ensures everyone can continue enjoying their day even if sore feet get in the way!


Anyone can take a photo! Indeed we live in a world where everyone snaps on their smartphone nowadays so there is no doubt you will receive hundreds of pictures from family and friends on your big day!

So why do you even need a photographer? The main reason is the photographer has the skill to capture those little moments no one else can – provide the wow factor and give you a wedding album you will cherish for years to come!

 Getting the party started!

It is easy to get bogged down on a wedding theme or the size of your cake when really you should be thinking about how your guests are being treated at your wedding.

Simple things like reception canapes will ward off any hunger pains (chances are your guests haven’t eaten since breakfast!), reception drinks help get the part started right and even little things like making sure rooms are heated sufficiently to ward off any chills!

Work with your wedding co-ordinator to make sure your day runs smoothly without any major gaps in time.

Plan your seating plan making sure that guests will gel together and there are no awkward silences and encourage chat by placing table games (Tigers) or speech time cards on each table!

DJ Or Band

Let’s face it wedding entertainment is not cheap so you need to make sure you hire someone who cares about your wedding entertainment as much as you do – the only way you can ensure this is by reading testimonials or reviews online and ask as many people who have seen them play live their own personal experience of the set. Of course, going to see them play prior to your wedding is a must. Luckily, the majority of wedding bands put on showcases up and down the country for this very reason.

Entertainers should be able to feed off the vibes from the crowd – if people are leaving in droves they immediately play a different song, they are friendly and receptive to requests from both you and your guests and most of all adhere to your wedding song list!!

Kids Entertainment

Inviting or banning kids to your wedding can be a political minefield – our advice is to thread carefully…very carefully!!

Banning children can lead to your wedding guests not coming at all if they cannot find a sitter, inviting children can lead to your wedding turning into a zoo with children running around high on 7up!

The best solution to this is to hire a minder for the day who will look after and entertain the children while the adults eat or while the speeches are going on – it is a win win situation for all and provides any awkward conversations :).

Your Mini Moon

You will be exhausted after your wedding – all the organising, dancing, chatting and generally being the life and soul of the party will wear you out!

Book into a luxury hotel down the country and relax into married life together. MiniMoon.ie have some of the best hotels in the country featuring on our website – check them out :).