Our Top Money Saving Tips

MiniMoon.ie presents some of our top tips for savvy brides and grooms to be :

Sample Sales

Keep your eyes peeled for sample sales, where bridal shops will sell off their stock for a fraction of the price to make room for new season pieces. You will find sample gowns, dresses that have been discontinued, last seasons stock or cancelled orders at knocked down prices so you may well get that designer wedding dress you always dreamt off for far less than you anticipated.

Follow your favourite designers and bridal stores on social media and keep up to date with any upcoming events they may have – or even pay them a visit and mark some styles that take your fancy in advance :).

Hit the High Street

Bridal wear is such big business the majority of retail stores have a wedding section these days – more often than not these pieces are copies of designer gowns without the designer price tag.

These pieces may not be as luxe as the ones you find in bridal stores but it is certainly something to consider you could always divert the extra cash towards your minimoon fun :).

The majority of wedding dresses can be altered to suit your figure / customised to your own unique tastes and cost less than €500 so it is definitely considering it as a option.

 Charity Stores

When you think about shopping for your wedding dress roaming around charity shops may not immediately spring to mind – however it should! Many charity shops now have dedicated bridal rooms selling brand new designer wedding dresses for a lot less than their recommended retail price.

Not only are you in with a chance of finding your dream gown you will also be helping to support Irish charities across Ireland. It is a win win.

Second Hand/Once Worn/Pre-loved Bridal Shops

Wedding dresses are only worn for a day (and perhaps into the early hours of the next day!!) before they are put away in a wardrobe forever! Thrifty brides know that second hand bridal shops are the way to go. The dresses are as good as new (dry cleaned and ready for their next day out). They have already been given the seal of approval from a fellow bride to be already and absolutely no one will know the difference between .

These dresses are the real designer dresses and not knock offs so if quality is what you are after at a great price this might be the right decision for you!

Mid-season Bridesmaids

Is there a particular brand of bridesmaid dress you love? Gather your bridesmaids and try on as many dresses of this brand as possible – jot down each bridesmaids size and measurements and play the waiting game! Once the next sale hits you can get your ideal dress for a fraction of the cost originally – even if you don’t have all the sizes you could always get them altered to make sure everyone is looking good and comfortable for your big day!!


Bridal accessories are big business and rightly so – the amount of work and craftsmanship that goes into each piece deserves to be handsomely rewarded! However, if you have a tight budget there are numerous stores on the high street and online who offer dupes of these beautiful designer pieces.

Like your own wedding dress chances are you will be only wearing these accessories for one day so why blow the bank when the dupes look just as good? (And just as sparkly!)